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Logic Train

Logic Train

Logic Train by Goula is a logic board game for children from 2 years old. With this game, children will develop spatial orientation and visual perception while having fun riding the train. This logic game includes 6 wooden pieces and 12 cards with a total of 24 progressive challenges. The children will take a card, observe the drawing and ride the train with the wooden pieces following the challenge card. 

The cards are of progressive difficulty, so that children learn at their own pace. There are three difficulty levels represented by one, two and three points:• The cards with 1 point are the simplest, to ride the train and place only 1 character. Look closely at the wagon, the wheels and the position of the wheels.
• The cards with 2 points are those of medium difficulty and in this case the train will carry two characters. 
In addition, the orientation of the wagon (right/left) may vary. Pay close attention to the drawing, the direction of the rope and the color of the wheels. • Cards with 3 points are the most difficult. Children must assemble the train and place the three characters correctly. This time, the wheels are mixed, look closely at their color and drawing. 
Once built... If you pull the rope the train moves! Thus we introduce children also to the concept of "cause – effect". 
  • 1 player
  • 2+ years

What's in the box?

It contains 6 pieces of wood and 12 cards with 24 progressive challenges.

Technical details

EAN code: 8410446594544

Product dimensions: 23 x 57 x 26 CM


Country of origin: China

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