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Stratego Original NIEUW

Stratego Original NIEUW

Do you have the skill, strategy and courage to outwit your opponent and capture their flag? Plan your campaign, secretly deploy your forces, then engage in battle. Each move and each attack will reveal a little more as red and blue go head-to-head. Overpower each enemy piece but beware of those with special powers and unexpected traps. Each turn could be decisive! 

  • 2 spelers
  • 45 min
  • 8+ jaar

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Technische gegevens

EAN-code: 8710126199589

Productafmetingen: 40x27x6


Geproduceerd in: Netherlands

Bijzonderheden over Stratego Original NIEUW

  • The original Stratego Game now with Battle Cards !
  • A reflection of history and modern society: Did you know women also played an important role in the Napoleonic army on all levels? Therefore, we introduce female soldiers in this new edition.
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