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JvH L’oasis (1000 pièces)

JvH L’oasis (1000 pièces)

Walking through the desert is not easy, especially when you are getting thirsty! The members of the Jan van Haasteren family are not the only ones who are dreaming of an oasis to cool off, but does it live up to their expectations? A Jan van Haasteren puzzle is so much more than just a puzzle, it’s an adventure series with familiar characters playing the lead roles in a never-ending decor full of absurd details. Discover the crazy adventures of the Jan van Haasteren family! We are proud our puzzles are made from recycled cardboard in Europe. To cut the cardboard in puzzle pieces, we use the thinnest knife available. The puzzle has an almost seamless look when finished. Enjoy this Jan van Haasteren puzzle!
  • 12+ ans

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EAN: 8710126200483

Dimensions du produit: 37x27x7

Matière principale:

  • Cardboard

Pays de fabrication: Netherlands

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