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Wasgij Destiny 25 - Games Night! (1000 pieces)

Wasgij Destiny 25 - Games Night! (1000 pieces)

Gathering the family around the table for a wholesome evening of board games, tea and sandwiches and records on the turntable used to be the highlight of the week. The television remained off and there wasn’t a single digital screen in sight. Games night with the family may still be a regular event, but now, new technology means we can enjoy a relaxing game of chess on a tablet or join the rest of the family and compete to be crowned champion of the latest video game craze! Just how different does games night look today? This is the scene you have to puzzle!

Don’t puzzle what you see, use your imagination and puzzle what will happen in the future!

This addictive and unique puzzle concept is designed to keep the puzzler guessing right up until they have completed the puzzle and is the reason why Wasgij is the brand it is today.

For more information, extra clues, offers and competitions, you can visit and enter the world of Wasgij.

  • 12+ years

What's in the box?

1 puzzle, 1 hint flyer, 1000 pieces

Technical details

EAN code: 8710126000151

Product dimensions: 37x27x7


  • Cardboard

Country of origin: Netherlands

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