Jumbodiset publishes first Sustainability Report

Jumbodiset publishes first Sustainability Report

Today we celebrate World Children’s Day. A day to stand still and think about how to build a better world for children.

Today Jumbodiset publishes its first Sustainability Report. This sets out our plan, reflects on the challenges we face and shows the progress we have made so far. Our goal is to make play more sustainable: playing smarter! Why? To make sure all future generations can keep playing and puzzling.

Working towards a sustainable future

We all want to keep playing and puzzling. So, step by step, we’re changing our products and the way we make them so that we ask less of the planet. Our “play smarter” plan is built around the following goals, the 5Ps:

Our core business is all about making fun products to share playful moments. To make sure the next generation can also keep enjoying this, we need to change our products and packaging by using resources more sustainably.

We’ve looked at how we take our products from an idea, through design, manufacturing and distribution to the point of sale. How we can shorten the entire supply chain to reduce our footprint.

Coming to work should be fun too, a safe place where everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect. From our creative teams to the hard-working folks who put it all together, we want to ensure everyone enjoys good working conditions.

Our vision of sustainability is one that is inclusive and takes in all of these people, starting with our youngest players who will one day build better tomorrows. We believe in the power of play and in promoting learning through play.

Born out of different companies, we’ve always believed that together we can achieve more. By collaborating with fellow experts, and working with like-minded organisations. By supporting each other, we can make things happen. We can strengthen through partnerships.

Our impact

Playing Smarter is at the heart of our strategy and our drive towards sustainability. We’re working on our product portfolio and business operations to make them more sustainable and tackling the issue from various angles. Here are some examples of the actions we’re undertaking:

More sustainable puzzles

A lot of packaging is discarded straight away which is waste that could end up in landfill. Wherever we can, we will eliminate unnecessary packaging elements. A good example is the new way our puzzles are made: no more plastic shrink-wrap or bags, but new ways to secure the lid and what’s inside.

Going local

The vast majority of our puzzles and educational games are produced locally, around Europe. Did you know that:

  • All our products made in Spain and the Netherlands are manufactured using 100% recycled cardboard.
  • Almost all of our products made in Spain come from a social cooperative in Barcelona. They manufacture many of our most successful brands, including Party & Co, Electro/Lectron and Goula.
  • On all products manufactured in Spain, we’re using vegetable-based inks. Games produced in the Netherlands use biodegradable ink and varnishes.

Power of Play

Education is key to sustainable development. Learning through play is at the heart of what we do. Sustainability is just another topic children should learn about and take on board. We offer a portfolio of environment-themed products as diverse as recycling, animals, the weather and many others.

Learn more

Want to know more about our plans and the changes we are putting into action?
Read our Corporate Sustainability Report for more information.

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