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GOULA aims to support the play and learning needs of children. Therefore, we develop products that stimulate children's abilities and skills. We use wood and other high-quality materials with an attractive design to promote playful learning.

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Goula, a name rooted in the Vic community (north of Barcelona), stems from a family legacy of crafting turned goods and Christmas décor since 1942.

Originating in the family home's basement under Josep Goula, our journey transitioned into crafting wooden toys, catering to children's play and educational needs. Through durable, warm wooden materials and engaging designs, we foster learning through play, nurturing children's capabilities and skills.

Our 75-year evolution witnessed a shift, integrating cardboard, fabric, and blended materials while retaining the essence of timeless toys, now aligned with modern times. All creations stem from our Barcelona design hub, featuring collaborations with esteemed local illustrators, infusing Goula products with a radiant Mediterranean charm - our brand's hallmark.

Today, from that humble family workshop, Goula stands tall as Spain's foremost wooden toy brand, revered across all markets.