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Do Jumbo Products come with a guarantee?

Yes, although Jumbo devotes a great deal of attention to maintaining the quality of its products, something can of course always go wrong. If this happens please contact the retailer you purchased your product from. If they are not able to help, please use our contact form outlining the problem, giving your contact details your proof of purchase. You can always exercise your guarantee if you have a valid proof of purchase.

Why do I need to send in proof of purchase?

Jumbo takes pride in offering the people who use its products good service. You are required to show proof of purchase in order to verify that it concerns the purchase of a new product. There is a booming second-hand market for puzzles and games and the guarantee is intended solely for newly purchased products. If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, there may be a possibility of ordering games parts for a small charge where applicable.

One or more pieces of the puzzle are missing. What should I do?

It is very frustrating if you’re missing one or more pieces of a puzzle. Unfortunately we are unable to supply individual puzzle pieces. Please contact the retailer your purchased the jigsaw from, and ask them to replace the puzzle as there is a fault. If this is not possible, please contact us via the contact form stating the name of the puzzle in question (including the five or ten-digit product number shown under the Jumbo logo), your correspondence address and a copy of proof of purchase as an attachment. Our service department will then help you to resolve the problem.

I have received an incomplete puzzle. Can I order individual pieces from Jumbo so that I can complete the puzzle?

Unfortunately we are unable to supply individual puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Jumbo to supply individual pieces for the huge range of puzzles available in the market. Additionally, puzzles are always printed and punched in their entirety. This means that colour and contour differences could emerge and that pieces are therefore not exchangeable.

I have lost the illustrated example of my puzzle or this was not initially included. Is it still possible to receive a copy?

It is possible to receive a copy. Please fill in the contact form including the five or ten-digit product number located on the box, we will happily e-mail a copy to you.

I’ve lost a piece of the game. Can I order a replacement piece from Jumbo?

Depending on the game and piece in question it may be possible to order parts at a small charge. It is, however, possible that your game could be so old and we no longer produce it. Unfortunately, that would mean that the parts are no longer available. If you fill in the contact form we will let you know if the replacement parts are available and at what cost.