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Jumbo Group pays a lot of attention to the development and production of its games and puzzles. The quality of our products is therefore a top priority for us. If, despite our best efforts, something goes wrong during the production of our products, you can be sure that our customer service team will be there to resolve the problem.

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Quick answers

Guarantee on games and puzzles

Jumbo Group offers a two-year guarantee on all its games and puzzles. The guarantee period is determined on the basis of your proof of purchase. The date of purchase is taken as the first day of the guarantee period. It is therefore very important that you keep your proof of purchase in a safe place.

Incomplete or defective game? Incomplete puzzle?

You have purchased a game or puzzle and when unpacking it, it turns out that a part of the game or a piece of the puzzle is missing or the game does not work. We understand that this would be very disappointing. If this happens, please contact the retailer you purchased it from, and explain that you have a faulty product. They should be able to help. If not, please contact our customer service department via our form. In the event of missing puzzle pieces: please, first take a good look under the tablecloth, on the floor, etc. It often happens that a piece gets stuck to someone’s sleeve without them realizing!

Game: If you still have a proof of purchase and respond within the guarantee period described above, we will provide you with the missing game part free of charge or we will exchange the product for you.

Puzzle: If the above does not solve your issue but you still have a proof of purchase and respond within the guarantee period the please contact our customer service department via our contact form.

If you no longer have proof of purchase or you do not respond within the guarantee period, it may be possible for you to order games parts from us at a small charge (subject to availability). You will then receive an indication of the costs in advance so that you can decide whether you want to order them.

Ordering individual puzzle pieces

We market a great number of puzzles. Each year, new puzzles are added to the collections and existing puzzles are taken out. We sometimes receive questions from people who have lost a piece of their puzzle and want to order a replacement from us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so. One reason for this is that our range of puzzles is so large that it would be impossible to offer this service for all our jigsaws. But even more important is that however advanced our machines may be, colour differences and cutting deviations may occur during the different production runs. This makes it impossible to exchange pieces between different puzzles.

It is therefore not possible to order individual jigsaw pieces from us.

Questions, complaints, suggestions or comments

  • If you have a question, complaint, suggestion or comment, please get in touch with us via our form.

    In contacting us, we will ask for the details below. If you include these details in your message, we will be able to assist you more effectively.

    Outline of details we’d like to receive from you, please:
  • Your contact details, including your name, address, e-mail and phone number (optional);
  • The name of the product to which your question / complaint / suggestion / comment applies;
  • The article number of the product. Each product has an article number shown on the box (this is usually a  five or ten-digit number). If you no longer have the box, you can send a photo of the product;
  • In the event of a complaint under guarantee, please send a copy of the proof of purchase.

Customer service contact details

You can contact us via our form. You will automatically receive confirmation from us once your email has been sent correctly.

Do you have a question for Jumbo supermarkets?

We regularly receive messages intended for Jumbo supermarkets. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with those; Jumbo Supermarkets is a different company.

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Jumbo Supermarkets customer service phone number: +31 800-0220161