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Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition

Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition

Honour the past, celebrate the future

This limited-run Anniversary Edition celebrating 65 years sees our female Spy promoted to Marshal, inspiring other women to take up the ranks of Lieutenant and Scout. You can now personalise your troops by choosing between male and female role models for these three critical posts.

Play the Original game or try another first: the introduction of 30 Battle Cards. Discover new diagonal steps, jumps, plus new powers of attack and defence. 

Plan a strategy or add the element of surprise as you swap positions, bridge the lake or stride further across the board than ever before. On a sudden twist of a card you could outrank opponents in battle by boosting your chances of a successful attack. But beware… your opponent may well have a counter-strategy and play a card of their own!

Beautifully crafted and illustrated, this 65th Anniversary Edition features new, weightier playing pieces with a redesigned profile, plus a premium quality textured box that will have pride of place in any Stratego collector’s arsenal.

  • 2 players
  • 45 min
  • 8+ years

What's in the box?

Technical details

EAN code: 8710126199459

Product dimensions: 40x27x6


Country of origin: China

Why you'll love Stratego 65th Anniversary Edition

  • It’s you: personalize the game by adding 3 female soldiers in your team
  • It’s exciting: including battle cards to add a fun element of surprise
  • It’s limited: just one batch will be produced
  • 40 red and 40 blue playing pieces, 3 red and 3 blue bonus pieces, 30 battle cards, game board, screen, instructions
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