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Wasgij Destiny 27 Café to Latte! (1000 pieces)

Wasgij Destiny 27 Café to Latte! (1000 pieces)

Cast your mind back to the Seventies and step inside our corner cafe. With its Formica tables and bench seating, the “greasy spoon” was a den of fry-ups washed down by sugary drinks and milky tea. Coffee was only served one way and chips came with every meal. Fast forward to the present day to a world of mochas, lattes and milk done a dozen different ways. Is the modern version of the cafe still 'chips with everything' or has it become more caffeine and protein-powered? This is the scene you have to puzzle. 

  • 12+ years

What's in the box?

1 puzzle

Technical details

EAN code: 8710126018552

Product dimensions:


  • Cardboard

Country of origin: Netherlands

Why you'll love Wasgij Destiny 27 Café to Latte! (1000 pieces)

  • Dive into the unique Wasgij Destiny concept, where you envision and piece together the future scene instead of the current one depicted on the box, fostering creativity and mental stimulation.
  • Crafted using high-quality, 100% recycled board materials, ensuring durability and sustainability while maintaining puzzle piece integrity over multiple uses.
  • Each puzzle contains 1000 crafted pieces, promising hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for adults seeking a rewarding challenge.
  • The finished puzzle measures a substantial 68 x 49cm, showcasing impressive artwork and providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon completion.
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